10 Product Landing Page Examples That Actually Convert Customers

What is the most important thing when it comes to eCommerce web design? Ask any good web designer and they’ll say the same thing:

The ability for your website to convert visitors into customers.

With that being said, you might be shocked that less than 3% of websites actually convert traffic into customers.

What could be the reason? The problem can lie in your website’s product pages.

Your product pages are one of the last stops in a customer’s buyer journey. A poorly designed product page can cause visitors to second guess their purchase and leave your website – which is exactly what you do not want!

But what does a good product page look like? What does it have that pushes visitors to click and purchase the product or service you’re offering?

In this article, we look at 10 product landing page examples and see what makes them so effective in converting customers. Let’s get right into it!

Gymshark – Showcasing every single option

Consumers love choice. They want to be able to buy a product that matches their interests and lifestyles. That’s why it’s important for your product page to be able to say ‘look at all the choices you have!’. Fitness apparel brand Gymshark does this very well.

Gymshark showcases all the colour and sizes options available. Source: Gymshark

By showing that there are multiple options available – whether it be colours or sizes – you are giving consumers freedom of choice. And when they’re able to choose exactly what they want, they’re more likely to take it and add it directy to their cart.

Iconic – Pages that cross-sell

Cross-selling is the practice of selling additional products or services to an existing or potential customer. These additional products are usually related and are made to work with one another. This practice is popular in cosmetics and fashion. Online fashion retailer, Iconic encourages their customers to buy more through their product page.

Iconic reckons that shirt would go well with these extra items! Source: Iconic

Having a small section where you recommend extra items can encourage customers to purchase and spend more when they were originally planning to just buy one item. It’s important to be subtle and not shove these items directly in their face as it may turn customers away.

Ecosa – Tell them everything they need to know

Customers don’t like being left in the dark. When they shop, they want to know everything they can about the products they are interested in. In our next product landing page examples, we discuss how important it is to educate and inform your customers all they need to know about their product.

Ecosa shares all the information you’d want to know about their mattress. Source: Ecosa

Bed-in-a-box brand Ecosa gives you all the information you need to know about buying one of their mattresses. This includes what it’s made out of and all of its features. Providing all this information gives customers the confidence they need to commit to a purchase.

Waterfield – Tutorials and Product Demos

Adding on to our previous point on the importance of educating your customers, tutorials and product demos are a great way to do just that. Show exactly how your product works – it’s features and its versatility – and customers will be encouraged to buy it and try it for themselves.

A product demonstration video can influence customers to make a decision. Source: Waterfield

Bagmaker Waterfield’s product pages feature a complete product demo video which explains the ins and outs of their bags. Want to know how many pockets there are? Or if you can fit a laptop in it? Their product demo videos cover it all!

Jaybird – Testimonials and Social Proofs

Testimonials, social proofs and customer reviews have shown time and time again that are super effective in influencing other customers. In fact, research has shown that 93% of consumers say that customer reviews influences their purchasing decisions.

Other customers don’t lie – Jaybird sell some quality earbuds! Source: Jaybird

Headphone manufacturer, Jaybird, is well aware of this fact and puts their customer reviews near the top of their product page. This is a stark contrast to where reviews are normally placed – at the bottom. With Jaybird, customers don’t have to scroll very far to see all the good things their current customers are saying about their headphones. This builds trust and increases conversions. It’s no surprise that Jaybird makes it on our best product landing page examples list.

IKEA – Products in Action

When potential customers are considering making a purchase they want to know what it will look like in their hands. This notion is especially important in the world of e-commerce, where you can’t physically interact with products. That’s why it’s a great idea to have photos of your products in action. Ikea does a great job of this with their furniture.

Showing you exactly what this storage unit will look like in your home. Source: IKEA

Ikea has numerous photos of what their furniture might look like in your home. It answers common customer questions such as: ‘How big is it?’, ‘What can I use it for?, ‘What does it look like against my other furniture?’. The more questions you can answer, the more likely customers will commit to a purchase.

Platypus: Taking advantage of FOMO

FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out, is a feeling of anxiety that you might be missing out on something fun, interesting or exciting. It’s a great tool to use on your ecommerce website because it encourages (or provokes) customers to take action so they can ‘join in on the fun’.

You too can be a part of the cool folk that have purchased these sneakers. Source: Platypus

Platypus is a shoe retailer that uses this well by telling you just how many people have purchased a specific pair of sneakers.

20 people have already bought this, you could be one of them!’.

Language uses like this will lead visitors to want to not miss out and place their sneakers in their cart.

Fabletics: Encouraging sign-ups

Do you have an email list or loyalty benefits program you want customers to sign up to? If the answer is yes, then try to show those benefits on your product page. When you do so you kill two birds with one stone. You get an email address for your list AND you get costumers to make a purchase.

Fabletics spruiks their VIP club by showing you how much you can save. Source: Fabletics

Athleisure Wear company Fabletics does this to great effect. By displaying the great discounts that their VIP members get right next to the original price of the product, customers are drawn towards signing up so they can purchase their goods at reduced prices.

T2 – Amazing Product Photography

High-quality product photography is incredibly important as it communicates to your customer what your product looks like. It’s a common theme in all these product landing page examples. Making sure your single product shots are clear and compelling will make a purchase more likely.

Good product photography tells you all you need to know about your product. Source: T2

Tea brand, T2 does a great job at this. Not only are their photos high quality but they also take multiple angles to show you everything you get with one of their products.

Nudieglow: A mobile-friendly product page

Want to know how many Aussies use their mobile phones to shop online? Over 50% of the entire population! Knowing that, it’s incredibly important to make sure your product page is mobile-friendly. That means it works well and is easy to use on a range of devices.

Source: nudieglow

Nudieglow, an Australian based skincare retailer, is a perfect example of this. Their mobile page works just as well as their desktop version, making it easy for mobile customers to shop on their website, which increases conversion rates.

Take inspiration from these great product landing page examples

Hopefully you’ve taken something away from this list of great product landing page examples! Whether it’s a mobile-friendly page or including customer testimonials, you too can turn your product page into one that converts visiting customers.

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