10 Inventive About Us Page Examples to Inspire Your Own

When it comes to web design, what are the most important pages on your website? You might be inclined to say the home page or a product landing page. And while yes, those pages are incredibly important in the makeup of your site, there’s one page that is often pushed to the side and forgotten: the About Us page.

Who cares about the About Us page you say?

Interestingly enough, a lot of people do.

The About Us page serves as the face of your brand. It speaks to who you are as a business, what you care about and what you hope to achieve with your brand.

It shows off the real human beings behind your brand, which is so important when building relationships with your audiences and customers. A healthy relationship with your customers encourages interactions, engagement and perhaps most importantly, sales.

So what goes in a good About Us page? How do you balance being informative yet engaging? What are the most important elements?

We could go in-depth and outline how to do it bit by bit. But we think it’d be much easier and more effective if we take a look at 10 About Us page examples that we think are top tier work!

We’ll break it down into what the brand is and how exactly they’ve created an About Us page. So let’s right into it!

10 Fantastic About Us page examples


Fitness apparel and equipment brand Nike is all about bringing inspiration and innovation to athletes all over the world. How do you know this? It’s the first thing you see on their About Us page, in big bold font to boot!

Nike wants you to know what it cares about straight away, it’s the reason why the mission statement is above the fold. And when combined with footage of fitness-doers exercising in the background, it makes for pretty compelling stuff!

The rest of the page covers their values, their diverse team, and passion for sustainable innovation.


Klook is a travel website which helps backpackers, travelers and wanderers book flights, hotels and activities around the world. When it comes to Klook’s About Us page, it’s all about keeping it simple.

There’s no fluff, it tells visitors who Klook are and what they’re all about through short, effective copy and visually appealing imagery. No paragraph of text is longer than 3 sentences, information flows nicely from start to finish and each section is defined with clear breaks in between.

This helps communicate their brand’s values, missions and promises more effectively. The less distractions there are the clearer your message is heard.


Honey is a browser extension that finds coupon codes for you to use on online stores. Widely popular, Honey is often asked questions like ‘what do you get out of helping others save money?’. All that and more is answered in their beautifully designed About Us page.

Honey’s About Us page outlines why they do it and how they do it. Their copy is clear and their images are relevant and used to provide a break from all the information. Honey’s use of white space is also outstanding.

Their About Us page is made to be transparent. When brands are transparent and upfront with how and why they do business, trust grows between them and their customers – something your own business should try and emulate!


This About Us page example highlights how important storytelling is. Aussie beauty brand Aesop’s About Us page tells you a story. A brand story (when told well) draws readers and customers in and make an emotional connection and investment in your brand.

Aesop’s storytelling is incredibly well done. It details the company’s history, their process and their future in easy-to-read paragraphs of well crafted text.

Combine it with stunning images and great UX and you have an About Us page that seamlessly and smoothly tells visitors what Aesop is all about.


Canva is a graphic design platform which allows users to create graphics, presentations, posters and more. It’s no surprise then that their About Us page is visually stunning!

They use a lot of high quality imagery throughout the page, images that feature their own employees and office spaces which allows visitors to visualise what life at Canva is actually like.

Their use of vivid graphics, like in the values section, aligns with the design and creative nature of the company itself. It’s a good example of making sure your About Us page is actually about your company!


Databox is a software company which designs business data and analytic tools. Sounds very business-y and tech-y doesn’t it? Databox gets that and it’s why their About Us page goes to great lengths to show that it is in fact, a business made up of real life people with real life values.

Their page features things like copywriting describing their principles and missions, and images of the business at work.

But a large bulk of their page are photos of their employees, the humans behind the brand. Including this humanises the company and assures their customers that yes, you are working with a real life person, essentially building trust and reliability.

Function of Beauty

Our next About Us page example is another beauty brand, but with Function of Beauty, their About Page makes it personal and relatable which builds a connection with their target audience.

The proof can be seen within the copywriting. Notice how it’s casual, laid-back, and easy-going – ‘hi, we’re function of beauty’.

The page uses a lot of words such as ‘you’ and ‘your’ which is kind of funny since it’s an About Us page. But choosing to use this type of language and tone of voice has been done because it directly speaks to you as a reader. This fosters trust and grows the relationship between Function of Beauty and it’s customers.


Yummly is a website that provides recipe ideas and recommendations based on individual user tastes. It’s an innovative company so it only makes sense that it’s About Us page is the same way!

In fact, we reckon their About Us page could pass as it’s Home Page! It tells visitors exactly what the business is, and does so through images, infographics and numbers.

It also features testimonials and social proofs from big brand names such as TIME. These act to increase credibility and reliability.


Goshippo’s About Us page takes a different approach from the simple, straightforward style of the other About Us page examples we’ve listed. Instead, they go into great detail about the company outlining things such as their mission, values, processes and team members.

What might seem as ‘too much’ is actually very valuable to those seeking to know more about Goshippo. They also avoid overwhelming readers by using paragraphs, white space and imagery to break up the text on their page.


Watchmaker MVMT’s About Us page encapsulates the simple yet slick and sophisticated look of it’s timepieces. The abundant use of white space and urban images delivers their story clearly.

Another thing to note is that MVMT have relied on a white, black and grey colour scheme which aligns with their brand identity.

Throw in big CTA buttons which link to their social media profiles and you have an About Us page that stands out while still being effective!

Inspired to make your own About Us page?

Hopefully these About Us page examples have given you the creative spark to start writing an About Us page for your own business! When your website has a well-crafted page dedicated to showing off your brand identity you’ll be able to build more genuine relationships with your customers!

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