10 Engaging Instagram Post Ideas to Fill Your Social Media Calendar

Are you in charge of your company’s social media strategy? Or maybe you manage a social media page like Instagram. If so, then you’ve probably asked yourself the question that all social media managers ask:

‘What on earth am I going to post today???’.

Trying to come up with new Instagram post ideas on the daily can be a tough ask. You might feel that there’s only so much content you can post in one week!

However, the great thing about Instagram and content in general is that there are so many ideas out there! From tutorials to employee spotlights, there is always something available to post.

We’ve done the hard yards and listed out 10 Instagram post ideas to get those creative juices flowing! Check them out below.

Instagram Post Idea 1: Giveaways & Contests

Want to post content that attracts a LOT of engagement? Giveaways and contests are for you. They take some time to set up and you’ll need to consider a few things such as:

  • Any rules and regulations
  • What prizes you’re giving away
  • Methods of entry (via Instagram hashtags or asking to tag their friends)
  • How you’ll pick winners
  • How you’ll deliver prizes

Competitions and giveaways = lots of engagement! Source: @sydneyroosters

But a well done Instagram giveaway can garner tons of likes and comments, attract new followers and build trust and excitement within your target audience.

Instagram Post Idea 2: Tutorials & How-To’s

What makes great social media content? Most digital marketers will agree that great social media content is helpful, engaging and valuable. Tutorials and how-to videos tick all those boxes.

You can use your Instagram page to provide your customers with valuable tips and tricks on how to use your product or service (or anything related to it).

Espresso brand Campos’ Instagram profile features a lot of tutorials and how-to’s. Source: @camposcoffee

These types of posts are especially useful for fitness-related or cooking-related businesses!

Instagram Post Idea 3: Thought Leadership Posts

If you want an Instagram post idea that not only attracts engagements but increases the reputation and credibility of your brand consider posting thought leadership posts.

Thought leadership posts are those that provide tips, opinions and lectures on a particular topic. They can come in the form of a carousel of information-filled images or a video where someone speaks to the audience.

By providing relevant and useful lessons, your audience sees you as a reliable and future source of information.

Instagram Post Idea 4: User Generated Content

Out of all the different types of content, User Generated Content (also known as UGC) is the most popular for many brands – and with good reason!

Not only are you posting visually compelling and interesting content but you’re also showcasing the talent of your own Instagram users which builds the relationship with them.

Vegemite frequently uses UGC on their Instagram page. Source @vegemite

UGC can come in the form of artwork, videos, reviews and photos with your business’ product or service. UGC is often also seen in the form of Instagram stories.

Another great thing about UGC is that since it’s created by your followers, it comes at almost no cost to you as a business – both time and money-wise!

Instagram Post Idea 5: Behind the Scenes

A fantastic way to humanise your brand is to post Behind the Scenes footage of your business at work.

The world is your oyster when it comes to BTS posts. You can showcase what a day at your business looks like or post exclusive BTS footage from a recent photoshoot or project. The key thing is to be creative and show off the human, fun side of your brand!

Giving your audience a glimpse behind the curtains puts human faces to an otherwise corporate brand and encourages them to emotionally invest in your company.

Instagram Post Idea 6: Product Spotlights

Showcase your product (or service) in all its glory with product spotlight posts. These posts are made to show off one of your business’s products. They can be a single image or a carousel of images highlighting different parts of the product.

Product spotlights done right! Source: @mvmt

For a truly engaging post, you’ll want to make sure you get your product photography done right!

Instagram Post Idea 7: Influencer Posts

If you have influencers to work with, an influencer post can be simultaneously visually appealing and engaging with your followers. Sounds easy enough but the hard part is finding influencers to work with!

Working with an influencer to create great content. Source: @fender

You can work with an agency to help you start your own influencer marketing strategy or you can do some outreach of your own to find the best social media stars to promote your brand.

Instagram Post Idea 8: Holidays and Events

Key dates on the calendar such as Christmas, New Years and Easter are practically begging for your Instagram post ideas! Posting on these dates (or around the date) shows that your brand is up to date and is looking forward to these holidays as much as other people.

Coca Cola celebrates Christmas in their style. Source: @cocacola

You can also go beyond those standard celebrations. Try to create posts for smaller events as well like Public Holidays or Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

When creating these types of posts, try to keep to your own branding guidelines. Use similar colours and try to put your own brand’s twist on it!

Instagram Post Idea 9: Blog Content

If your website has a blog or article section, then you can create posts that link directly to a particular blog post.

You can choose to break up the post into multiple images where each image highlights a key point in the blog.

This is an easy way to deliver valuable, readable content to your followers. It will also encourage them to click directly to your blog site where they can discover more content from you.

Instagram Post Idea 10: Stats and Numbers

People love statistics and numbers. They’re easy to understand and are generally a simple way to quickly paint a picture on a certain topic or situation.

Numbers are easy to read and understand. Source: Google

For example, want to encourage people not to miss out on a sale? Inform them of how many people have already purchased from your store via a compelling Instagram post.

Numbers can be bold and in your face, and when used correctly generate interest from your followers.

Never run out of content again!

These 10 Instagram post ideas will hopefully give you the spark of creativity you need to fill your social media calendar chock full of engaging and compelling content. Want more tips for your Instagram marketing strategy? Check out the ZipZipe blog for more!