Your Guide to Finding the Best Web Design Company

For your business website, it's important that you have a quality web designer. Here's how to find the best web design company to build your website.

There are over 200 million active websites online right now. Does yours stand out? Without an eye-catching, functioning website, you might miss a chance at boosting your business.

Instead, consider working with an experienced web design and development team. A talented web designer can ensure your website wows visitors. Then, you can boost online sales and conversions.

With the best web design agency on your side, you can generate more business and boost your ROI.

Not sure how to find the best web design agency around? Use these 10 tips to start your search! With these tips, you can narrow down your options.

Finding the best web design company is essential. With their help, you can stand apart from the competition. Otherwise, an outdated website could hurt your business.

Start your search with these 10 easy tips today!

1. Know Your Goals

The 3% of Harvard graduates who wrote down their goals earned 10 times as much as the other 97% put together. Writing down your goals can set your business up for success.

It can also help you find a web design agency capable of helping you accomplish those goals.

What do you want to accomplish with your website? For example, do you want to:

  • Build brand awareness, trust, and loyalty
  • Generate more traffic
  • Boost your search engine ranking
  • Make more online sales
  • Generate more form submissions
  • Attract newsletter subscribers
  • Communicate your credibility
  • Become a thought leader in your industry

Different web design and development tactics can help you accomplish these goals. 

Once you understand your goals, you can determine what you need from a web designer. For example, do you want to boost your search engine ranking? Look for a web design agency that understands search engine optimisation (SEO).

Do you want to generate more online sales? Look for a company with e-commerce web design experience.

Ask each agency how they’ll help you accomplish your goals. If they can’t develop a customised plan for your business, they’re not the right fit. 

2. Look for Experience

It’s important to look for a web design agency that has the experience and expertise you need.

How long has the agency operated? If they’re a new agency, they’re likely still getting organised. There’s a chance they’re working out the kinks in their operations, too.

Ask each agency about the members of their team. How much experience does each person have? How long have they worked in web design and development?

Look for specialists on the team, too. For example, you might need an SEO expert

Does the team have a copywriter? You’ll need strong, compelling copy to attract customers. Otherwise, your eye-catching website might not accomplish your goals.

Look for a team that’s qualified to help your business. 

3. Consider Their Services

As you search for the best web design agency, review each company’s services. Choose the services that will help you accomplish your goals. 

Prioritise finding an agency that offers website design, development, maintenance, and SEO services. These services will ensure you receive quality web design. 

Look into their supplemental services, too. 

For example, do you want to become a thought leader in your industry? Look for an agency that also offers PR services.

Do you want to boost your brand awareness and recognition? Ask if they offer branding services.

You can also look for agencies that offer content creation, PPC advertising, and email marketing. These services can help you attract more visitors to your website. They can also help you boost your search engine ranking.

A higher ranking will boost brand awareness, traffic, and your credibility! Then, you can generate more leads and boost your ROI. 

4. Learn About Their Process

Not sure what to look for in a web designer? Focus on finding someone who prioritises user experience (UX) design trends. 

Almost 90% of customers won’t return to a website after a bad experience. Another 70% of businesses fail because of bad usability. Unfortunately, only 55% of businesses conduct UX testing.

If you fail to understand the user experience, you could frustrate your website visitors. UX design focuses on providing users with ease and convenience. A better UX will keep visitors on your pages longer.

The longer people stay and click around, the better for your dwell time and clickthrough rate. Your bounce rate will decrease as a result. A lower bounce rate can improve your search engine ranking.

A higher search engine ranking will position your website in front of more customers. You can boost visitors, increasing your chances of conversions!

In order to improve your ranking, ask each web design company about their process. Do they prioritise UX design? How will they implement UX design trends across your website?

For example, will they make sure your website is mobile-optimised? About 85% of adults think your mobile website should be as good as the desktop version. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, 50% of users will visit less often.

Is your website fast? Almost 53% of the time, visitors will leave if a page takes longer than three seconds to load.

In fact, a one-second delay in response times results in a 7% decrease in conversions. 

A slow-loading website that isn’t mobile-optimised could impact your search engine ranking, too. In fact, Google prioritises websites that consider the UX.

About 44% of shoppers tell their friends about bad online experiences. If your website is difficult to use, consumers will take notice. Your brand’s reputation could take a hit as a result.

Talk to your web designer about the UX design trends they prioritise. How will the changes they make to your website improve the functionality? How will those changes help your customers?

Understanding the web designer’s process will help you determine if they’re knowledgeable. If they’re not familiar with UX design trends, keep searching. 

Otherwise, they might fail to make changes that will benefit your website’s performance.

If people struggle to use your website, they could leave without clicking around. Your search engine ranking will drop. You could miss the chance to convert more customers as a result. 

5. Ask for References

You don’t have to believe a web design agency when they claim to offer the best services. Instead, ask for reviews and references. Try to speak with at least three of the agency’s most recent clients.

Did the agency help the client accomplish their goals? Was the agency easy to work with? Did they communicate regularly?

It’s important to find a company that communicates. Otherwise, you might have a difficult time working with them down the road. 

Ask the clients if they experienced any issues while working with the agency. How were those problems resolved?

You can also find reviews online. Check the company’s Google My Business listing.

If the agency doesn’t have a Google My Business listing, they likely don’t prioritise SEO.

6. Explore Their Case Studies

Once you determine what services you need, make sure the agency provides quality services. Ask for case studies. Case studies can help prove the agency’s capabilities.

Have they helped any businesses in your industry before? Take a look at the websites the agency worked on. Are you impressed by their web design and development?

Does the website meet your expectations? Do you see design elements you’d want on your own website?

Ask the agency how they helped their client. What key performance indicators did they track?

Make sure they helped the business accomplish their goals, too. 

7. Determine Their Availability

Make sure each web design agency on your list is available to work on your website.

How many clients are they handling right now? If they’re too busy, they might not get to your website right away. If they only have one or two clients, they likely have a weak reputation.

Look for a company that has plenty of clients and has time to help your business.

How long will your website take? Will they keep you informed along the way? Make sure the business can meet your deadline, too. 

8. Look for Maintenance

It’s important to update your website regularly. Otherwise, website bugs can impact your site’s performance. Visitors might struggle to use your website as a result.

Look for a web design and development agency that offers ongoing maintenance services. They’ll ensure your website functions without a hitch. If you need to update your content, they can help right away.

9. Consider Your Budget

Before hiring a web design agency, have a budget in mind. Then, ask at least three agencies for a quote. Asking for multiple quotes will help you compare prices.

Does the agency offer an ala carte option? What’s included in their price?

Make sure there are no hidden fees.

10. Read Through the Contract

Take the time to review the agency’s contract. If you have any questions, ask right away.

Have anything you agreed on in writing. Otherwise, you might come across communication issues in the future. Having the details in writing will help you end any disputes.

The Best in the Business: 10 Tips for Finding the Best Web Design Agency

Ready to find the best web design agency in the business? Keep these 10 tips in mind. With these tips, finding the best design company is a cinch!

You can have them get started on your new site right away. Then, you can attract more visitors and boost your business. 

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