Do-It-Yourself Website Audit Checklist to Boost Your Google Rankings

The first step to better Google rankings is to know what your website is doing right and what it's doing wrong. Start with our website audit checklist.

There are currently 1.9 billion websites on the internet and nearly 200 million of them are active.

If you own a business, you might be wondering how to reach the holy grail of SEO–getting on the first page results. One thing you can do to get there is to evaluate your website.

Want to learn more?

Check out this website audit checklist and use it to improve your website and boost your Google ranking.

Your Website Audit Checklist

Ready to get started? Start with our checklist below.


Relevance: Take a look at the content on your website. Is it relevant and useful to your target audience? Are your product listings up to date? You don’t want a customer to contact you looking for something on your website that you don’t have anymore.

Errors: You also want to look at your website’s grammar and spelling. You want to look at all the facts and data and ensure that they’re accurate and up to date. Any errors or factual inaccuracies can hurt your brand’s reputation.

Duplicate Content: Do you have duplicate content? You want your content to be unique. Search engines won’t always show more than one version of duplicate content.


Target Audience: Are you following SEO best practices?

Think about your target audience. Are you using the right keywords? Can you create content with more specific keywords?

CTAs: Does all of your content have appropriate CTAs to persuade users to take action?

Links: Are you linking your website to other internal web pages? Are your website URLs optimized? Your website URLs should be short and should include relevant target keywords.


Speed: Assess your website performance. How is the user experience?

Do pages load quickly? Can users navigate the website easily and intuitively?

Mobile: Is your website mobile-friendly? Nearly 52% of worldwide web traffic comes from mobile devices. If you don’t have a responsive web design, you’re missing out on more than half of the world’s internet users.

A slow or unresponsive website is a quick way to get users to hit the back button and find another search result on Google.

Links: Another thing you should look for are any broken links. Check all your web pages and make sure they link to the correct URLs.


Whitespace: Do you use whitespace? Most people scan websites to find what they’re looking for. Whitespace can make content easier on the eyes and breaks up large chunks of text.

Headers: Do you use appropriate headers? Headers help users navigate the page.

Layout: Are you making the most of the layout? You should have the most important content first. You also should have appropriate links and CTAs for users to take the next steps.

Look at the Overall Design of Your Website

After going through our website audit checklist, take a look at your website overall. Does it reflect your brand? If not, it might be time for a website update.

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