4 Easy Ways to Create the Ultimate Mobile Experience for Top Rankings

In the world of SEO, mobile is where it's at in 2019. Google is now "mobile first." See how to create the ultimate mobile experience for top Google rankings.

If you don’t have a mobile website, you’re doing it wrong. Mobile internet traffic is growing more every year – in 2018, 52.4% of internet use is accessed on a mobile device.

If you’re only optimizing your website for desktop traffic, you’re losing more than half of your online audience.

You’re probably thinking, my website is on the internet so mobile users can access it, right?

Yes and no. Sure, mobile users can find and access your website on their mobile devices. But if your website isn’t optimized for mobile use, your audience can move on to a competitor.

Here are 5 ways to create the ultimate mobile experience.

1. Increase Your Page Speed

The biggest website buzzkill is slow loading speed. And this not only kills your traffic – it kills your search engine results. 53% of web users will leave a website if the loading speed is slower than three seconds.

To achieve a fast loading speed, minimalism is key. Don’t use crazy videos or flashes that will slow down a mobile browser. In addition, pop-ups also kill website speed and SEO results.

2. Site Navigation

As you can guess, mobile browsers are displayed differently than desktop browsers.

Certain web design factors ensure mobile-optimized site navigation. An example is an elongated website with larger images. Rather than have a menu top bar, have a clickable menu that mobile visitors can easily access.

Your site will be easier to navigate on a mobile device. This encourages up-and-down scrolling. And with all content and media front-and-centre, your website visitors are guaranteed to learn about your company.

3. Optimize Site Search

Site search is an important feature for mobile websites, especially for your devoted website visitors.

Say there’s a page or a blog they want to visit. Rather than searching through your entire website, you can implement a search feature so they can search for any specific page.

This feature is also great for new mobile visitors. If they want to learn about a specific product or service, they can find the search box easily on their mobile phone.

4. UI/UX

UI/UX stands for user interface and user experience. When designing your mobile-optimized website, keep the user in mind.

First, act as a website visitor. Visit one of your favourite websites on your mobile phone. Then visit your website. See what you can do better or differently.

To make things easier, invest in responsive web design. This type of web design ensures it will look great on all devices: mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Time to Create the Ultimate Mobile Experience

If you don’t have a mobile website yet, you’re missing out on a huge traffic and sales advantage.

But don’t create any old mobile website – create the ultimate mobile experience.

Know what mobile website aspects your audience loves. Research all mobile website aspects or invest in a responsive website to give you the peace of mind your website will look great on all devices.

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