How to Find a Trustworthy SEO Company in Sydney

If you're in Sydney, you probably realize there are lots of SEO firms. But can you trust them? Here's how to find a trustworthy SEO company.

The first page of Google results hog an average 91.5% off all traffic.

It’s numbers like that that make having a solid SEO strategy imperative for entrepreneurs in today’s digital world. Finding a trustworthy SEO company is a great way to boost your ranking and help meet your business goals, but how do you find one?

Here’s a quick guide on shopping for SEO service providers in Sydney.

Set Clearly Defined Goals

Goal setting is the foundation of good business and SEO is no different. Before you start searching for an SEO company you should have a clear idea of what you want out of the service.

Some examples of good SEO goals include:

  • I want to increase traffic from a specific demographic
  • I want to boost downloads of my free trial
  • I want to boost sales by driving people to specific landing pages

Notice each of these goals are specific and measurable. Both key factors when setting goals. Conversely, here are some bad goals:

  • I want to increase traffic
  • I want to boost my page rank
  • I want to beat our competitor

While these might seem like good goals on the surface, they’re not specific or measurable. Why do you want to increase traffic? What do you want to get out of a boosted page rank?

How can you measure your success against your competitors?

Be Savvy of Red Flags

The SEO industry is rife with unscrupulous businesses. Some promise more than they can realistically deliver but there are also those who dabble in blackhat SEO practices.

Blackhat practices don’t just waste your money, they can actively do damage to your search engine rank. Google is incredibly savvy to blackhat practices and will penalise your website if you’re seen to be engaging in them.

Thankfully, there are a number of red flags that can indicate a company deals in shady SEO practices. The best thing you can do while choosing a company for SEO is to make sure you recognise these red flags.

They include:

Claiming to Have an “in” with Google

Google doesn’t work with SEO companies, period. Any business that tells you differently is lying. 

Offering to Submit Your Website to Directories

Quality backlinks are gold in the SEO industry. However, submitting your site to directories is an old SEO practice that’s fallen out of favour as search engines became savvier to it.

These days, such directories will often have a black mark against them. This means if your website is linked from them, it can actively hurt your own ranking.

Claiming to Know Search Engine Algorithms

Search engine algorithms aren’t publicised, ever. If a company claims to have access to any algorithm then they’re lying.

Check References and Testimonials

Just as you wouldn’t hire a staff member without checking their references, so too should you check any prospective SEO company’s testimonials.

If a company doesn’t have any public reviews or testimonials, then ask for references and follow them up.

Even if a company is new, its members should have references from previous employment and a proven track record in the industry.

Find a Trustworthy SEO Company in Sydney

Finding a trustworthy SEO company is essential for ensuring your business meets its potential. By setting great goals, staying savvy to red flags, and checking references you’ll be well on the way to partnering with a quality SEO provider.

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