2020 Link Building Strategies: How to Get Quality Backlinks

Backllinks are as important as ever to rank your site in search engines. Check out our link building strategies to get the best high quality backlinks.

Want to increase your organic search engine traffic in 2019? Building quality backlinks will be the smartest way to do it.

A 2016 study of 1 million Google search results uncovered the most common factors in sites ranked on Google page one. Quality backlinks were at the top of the list.

So, if you’re looking for link building ideas to boost your search engine rankings, here are three strategies to focus on in 2019.

Backlink Strategy #1: High-Quality Article Publishing

Publishing your articles on high-authority websites remains one of the best ways to get high-quality backlinks. This was true in 2009, and it’s still true today.

Make a list of the most authoritative websites in your niche. Make sure they accept article submissions. Next, start reading their content submission guidelines and create a plan for getting your articles published with them.

TIP: Beware of “content farms,” and guest blog posting opportunities that promise to publish your work in exchange for a fee.

Backlink Strategy #2: High-Quality Linkbait

Linkbait is content deliberately created to entice other content providers to link to you.

Content providers love to validate their claims by linking to fresh, credible studies and/or statistics. This means a great way to build link bait is to gain a reputation for being a source of fresh, relevant news about your topic.

Content providers also love to use images and/or videos to validate or to clarify their claims. This makes image and infographic creation another powerful way to create (or enhance) your linkbait.

Backlink Strategy #3: Specialised links from Partner Sites

There are dozens (maybe hundreds) of content providers who provide content on general topics related to yours. These content producers might not have the time or expertise to delve deeply into the subtopics related to that general topic.

But, if they believe you can add an extra dimension of depth and value for their readers, they will link to you as a source of specialized information.

For example, diabetes alert dog training is a specialized subtopic of the general dog training topic. If you write in-depth content on diabetes alert dog training, you have a good chance of getting an inbound link from an authority site that focuses only on general dog training.

Cautions for Building Backlinks in 2019

As of October 2018, Google was still monopolizing the world of organic search. That said, your 2019 link building strategy should be based on Google quality standards, such as:

#1: Topical Relevance

Your backlinks should come from a page that provides content that is related to yours.

#2: Organic Link Building

Your link building strategy shouldn’t appear (to the search engines) as a deliberate attempt to get rankings.

This is why it’s smart to hire an SEO Services Company that specializes in quality link building strategies.

Want More Quality Backlinks? We Can Help

As of October 2018, the total number of active internet users was 4.2 billion and 93% of online experiences were starting with a search engine.

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