How to Successfully Combine Digital and Print Marketing

While digital marketing is only gaining in popularity, many people are forgetting about the importance of print marketing.

In 2021, many businesses focus solely on digital marketing and building a presence on the internet. Yet, as a marketer, you can’t forget the importance of print marketing and how it can impact a business. 

Print marketing is a way to reach your customers and establish your brand. In fact, many consumers find that print marketing is a more credible and reliable source of media. 

Did you know that creating a strategy to combine digital and print marketing might be easier than you would think? 

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on how you can combine both digital and print marketing strategies to target your clients and grow your business.  

Print vs Digital Marketing

When trying to decide how you can combine print and digital marketing, you need to see how the two types of marketing strategies differ. The main difference between the two forms is the way you communicate with your audience. 

When you use print marketing to advertise products, services, deals, or upcoming events, you’ll find that you’re using sources many different people can view. You won’t have as much control over who you’re advertising towards when using print marketing. For example, you can advertise through direct mail, on a billboard, via phone calls, newspaper articles, and so much more. 

Yet, digital marketing can seem like a much more targeted process when it comes to advertising towards a specific audience. You’ll find that you can use email marketing, social media, search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing, social media influencers, and an abundance of other resources you can find on the internet to get vital marketing to your audience. 

The way you communicate your message to your audience is one of the biggest differences between print vs digital marketing. 

Mix Digital Content and Print Media

Did you know that 4.5 billion people use the internet worldwide? Even though online advertising is a great way to reach your audience, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about print marketing. 

Many people are still reading newspapers and magazines, which means print media isn’t dying. There is still a market out there for this type of media, and you should take full advantage of it. 

The best way to start mixing digital content and print media are by mentioning what you do in the digital world when creating traditional content. When you write an article or create an ad for a newspaper or a magazine, you should make sure you include the URL to your website. That way, people can move to the digital world to find you there too!

QR codes are another way to get readers to your site or right to your product’s page. Make sure that you include a code that can direct readers right to your page so they can get more content from you. 

Don’t forget to include this type of information on other forms of printed media as well! For example, you’ll want to include links to your website and social media accounts on business cards, brochures, direct mail, flyers, posters, and more. 

Create a Consistent Brand Image 

When you’re creating any type of advertisement for your niche audience, you’ll want to make sure that it is consistent across the board. That means you should develop a brand image and personality you can use for your digital and print marketing strategies. 

One thing you will want to do is start by creating a voice for your brand. That way, when a customer reads an advertisement, they will read it in your company’s voice. Whether you’re creating digital content or print media, your brand’s voice and personality should shine through. 

Your brand’s voice should be based on your target audience and who you’re trying to sell your products to. Make sure you spend some time deciding what type of person you are marketing towards. 

It is going to be much easier to find your target audience in the digital world. Yet, when you have an advertisement that is geared towards your target audience in print, they will be able to recognise it is meant for them. 

When your brand is consistent across different media platforms, current and potential customers will be able to recognise you more. Brand recognition is a crucial way for your brand to grow and develop. 

Encourage Digital Engagement Through Print Media

Another way to combine print media and digital marketing is by encouraging digital engagement.

Direct mail is an excellent way to reach potential clients and let them know about your business and products. Yet, how can you take that one step further and engage with them? By recommending they go to social media, of course!

We know that digital marketing is a vital way to grow your business and you need followers to do so. When sending out direct mail, you can include a hashtag for customers to use.

Make sure you like, comment, retweet, and repost anything that your customers are posting within this hashtag. By doing this, you’ll show that you’re engaging with people who have seen your direct mail and went a step further to find you on social media. 

It is a brilliant way to build a connection with your followers and start forming relationships with people that want to buy your products or services. You’ll find that the more people who follow your account and interact with it also trust your brand and its products. 

Follow up With Print Media

We know that the majority of our customers are always on their phones and always looking at something new. When you’re advertising to your client, there’s a chance that they might miss something crucial that you want them to see. 

If you’re wondering the best ways on how to market a product, you can start by using digital marketing and then follow up with print media such as direct mail. 

There are always two sides to advertising for a customer. Will they be more likely to read an email sent to their inbox or a physical letter sent to their mailbox? As a marketer, if you want the best chance for your client to see your advertisement, you’ll send an email and direct mail. 

Make sure that you’re incorporating your URL or a QR code when creating direct mail so that customers can go right to your website. 

By doing this, you will see that customers can see your deals, new products, and so much more. You can also measure the analytics of where the traffic to your website is coming from and continue marketing from there. 

Include Social Media Review in Print Materials

Have you ever received glowing feedback on social media from your customers? If so, chances are you want other people to see that! 

One thing you can do is incorporate your social media reviews into your print materials. It is a brilliant way to show that people have a positive experience with your business. You can show off your social media account through print media through this method as well. 

Many people use testimonials as social proof to help attract more customers to their business. That’s because if other people have had a good experience, they figure they will too. 

It also helps to show that you’ve built an online community of people that support you and your business. By doing this, more people might be willing to follow you on social media and watch your journey. 

Don’t Forget the Call to Action on All Materials

Whether you’re using print media or online advertising, you need to remember to include a call to action. A call to action is a line in your content that will help direct potential clients on what they should do next. 

For example, if you want clients to contact you, make sure you include a phone number or your email address. You can do this whether you’re creating content for newspapers, magazines, billboards, blogs, email, or social media.

As we’ve mentioned previously, your call to action can help combine the two forms of marketing as well! When using print media, you can tell potential customers to check you out on social media. That way, they can find more information on your products or services as well as start following you in the digital world. 

Regardless of what form of content you’re creating, make sure you’re telling your audience what they should do after they’ve viewed your content. 

Combining Digital and Print Marketing

If you’re wanting to improve your marketing strategy, combing both digital and print marketing can be a great way to bring brand awareness to your customers. Digital and traditional marketing can be a way for you to reach a wider scope of your audience. 

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