Your PPC Lead Generation Guide: 3 Google AdWords Hacks to Boost Leads

Do you use PPC lead generation but are still not getting the leads you need? To develop better conversions, follow these 3 AdWords hacks.

Did you know Google captures 85.3% of clicks for paid traffic?

AdWords has made PPC simple but the simplicity of the system also means you’ll need to get creative to get ahead.

Maximising the ROI of your PPC lead generation techniques is the goal of every marketer and advertising team across the world.

If you’re looking for some creative ways to breathe life into your AdWords campaign then you’re in the right place. Try out our three great hacks to help launch your next ad campaign into orbit.

1. Use Negative Keywords

One of the most often neglected pieces of PPC campaigns is negative keywords.

Hopefully, you’ve reached a point where you have the insight to know which keywords have commercial potential. You should also know which don’t.

Not every search term you appear in is going to make a sale. Find the inclusions which aren’t converting and start excluding your ads from appearing there to save money on readers without commercial intent.

Excluding those who aren’t planning on buying will provide a boost to the ROI of your advertisements on AdWords.

2. Target Competitor Keywords

Most marketers are in a competitive niche, it’s just the way of the world. Not everyone approaches the problem the same way.

Have you considered targeting the branded keywords of your biggest competitors? Not just going for the same keywords but actively competing with them when their name is entered in the search bar?

By doing so you can increase the visibility of your own brand… while reducing the number of clicks that your competition is able to grab from their own campaign.

3. Qualifying Questions

You’re probably not trying to sell to everyone on the planet.

Making sure you’re writing copy for a targeted audience is one of the first rules of marketing, after all. Tight targeting of AdWords campaigns is essential to their long term success.

Not all leads are created equally and sorting them out can be a headache for those who are running the ads. When you’re creating the form for sign-up for your business add a couple of qualifying questions to make sure that they’re in your target audience.

Simple things like “are you a business owner?” or “what breed is your dog?” allows you to sort the leads generated.

Then make sure you only count quality leads as actual conversions. Your conversion rate may go down overall but it will let you focus on targeting those who really want what you’re selling.

Increase Your PPC Lead Generation

AdWords is a simple way to get into PPC lead generation. The interface is designed well for those new to creating advertisements. The minimalistic interface is also deceptively simple.

Without experience and guidance, many people find themselves lost. They’re experiencing a negative ROI, not getting the conversions they need to stay afloat, and might even be wasting clicks with campaigns that aren’t properly targeted.

If you’re looking to keep your business running but still benefit from PPC advertisement then we can help. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.