1 billion.

That’s how many active users there are on Instagram. Wondering if adding the popular platform to your marketing strategy is worth it?

With that number, it’s hard to ignore.

Not only that but the platform is increasing in popularity daily. It’s made up of users around 18 to 29 with 41% being younger than 24.

Its high user engagement rate makes this the social media network to be on. You can directly interact with users and perfect your strategy to gain more followers which can turn into leads.

Ready to get into the Instagram game? Take a look at our effective marketing tactics below!

1. Start with Your Profile

Before you begin posting pictures, make sure your profile is completely filled out. No one wants to interact with a business with limited information.

Think of your bio as your elevator pitch. When users are scoping you out, they want to know what you do and what you can offer.

Be sure to put any relevant hashtags in your bio as well. They’ll become clickable along with usernames.

While this should be obvious (but we’ll remind you anyway), include a link to your website!

2. Create a Strategy

You can’t go onto Instagram and post whatever you feel like. It needs to have a plan behind it.

For starters, define your target audience. Know their demographics, buying behaviour, and their concerns.

From there, tweak your message and image to evoke curiosity, and create calls of action that’ll get people to click your link.

In order to keep with your strategy, do the following:

  • Post consistently
  • Define goals
  • Have a clear direction

3. Use Relevant Hashtags

If you aren’t using the right hashtags, you can forget being found by your audience. Think of hashtags as the lifeblood to this platform. Without them, your business won’t survive.

Trying to target the local scene? There’s plenty of local-related hashtags you can use.

If your target audience is more global, you can use brand-related hashtags. For a more personalized touch, create your own. This will help potential customers find your content more easily.

4. Utilize Instagram Stories

Instead of boring your followers with a novel-like caption, put it in your stories! Stories are great for content that doesn’t fit into a caption.

The best part about stories?

You can make them interactive! Get your followers involved by posting polls, asking them questions, and chatting with them in real-time through a live video.

If you think your content will be useful to followers, later on, save them to your highlight reel. Instead of disappearing after 24 hours, they’ll remain there on your profile.

5. Collaborate with Influencers

Want to grow your follower count? Collaborate with influencers to expose yourself to their audience.

You’ll gain more opinions on your product or service and get someone with a lot of pull in their industry to give your business a try.

While a large follower count is attractive, engagement is where it’s at. Collaborate with an influencer who gets a lot of comments and engagements on their posts. This way, people will actually see your content—not just scroll on by.

Marketing Tactics Worth Double-Tapping

Instagram is the platform you need to be on. It has a high engagement rate along with plenty of users to market to.

Using these marketing tactics, you’ll not only increase your brand awareness but gain more leads as well.

Don’t have the time to set up a social media strategy? Get started with our Instagram marketing campaigns today!

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