10 Lead Magnet Ideas to Help You Find New Prospects

One of the biggest keys to a successful business is the generation of new leads. A lead is a person that has shown some interest in the products or services that you as a business provides. They aren’t full-fledged customers – not yet anyways.

But they are important because they represent the opportunity for your business to make sales and grow. It’s why having good lead magnet ideas is such an important thing because like its namesake, they attract new leads for you and your business to begin targeting and pitching to.

But what happens when your lead generation dries up? In this case, you need something to kickstart your lead generation, something to attract new leads… like a lead magnet!

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a marketing tool that attracts new leads by offering them some sort of resource, tool or knowledge. They can come in many forms but serve the same primary function: to get you new prospects and their contact information.

Most lead magnets work to attract prospects’ email addresses because it’s the easiest way to start nurturing that customer relationship. Once an email address is known, companies can utilise email marketing to start sending personalised and relevant emails that help leads move further down the buyer’s journey.

10 lead magnet ideas to attract new prospects


eBooks are an incredibly popular type of lead magnet. They’re usually choc-a-block full of helpful information that when compiled and designed appropriately can generate hundreds and thousands of leads for you.

eBooks can cover one particular topic such as ‘How to pick the right running shoe’ or can cover multiple, related topics such as ‘The Ultimate Guide to Running Shoes’. When offering eBooks as a lead magnet make sure your eBooks are well designed, easy to read and ultimately provide value to whoever reads it.


Templates are an easy way to attract new leads because they essentially allow you to skip multiple steps in a creation or design process. The backbone or pre-existing structure that templates provide can be also quite easily made.

Close’s email templates are an effective way to generate leads.

The main idea with templates is that it saves readers time and effort, so when creating a template to share with others, make sure it actually does that! Helping customers save time is a great way to satisfy them and build a strong sense of trust.

Case Studies

If your business has a fantastic history of making clients and customers happy, you can use these to help you convince others to use your product or service. Creating case studies that showcase your brand can turn curious leads into full paying customers!

When creating your case study, make sure you are not just recounting events. Instead, try to write a story which emphasises just how your business helped a client or customer. Hard numbers and tangible results are a great way to make visitors opt into your lead magnet.


Webinars are video presentations or lectures on a particular topic with the intent of educating viewers. They can also be used to present new products, services or ideas.

The Startup Chat offers a webinar or podcast featuring prominent entrepreneurs.

They can be a great lead magnet, especially if the person holding the webinar is a notable or celebrated figure such as  a prominent business expert or professor/lecturer.

Toolkits and Resource Lists

Sometimes people want to know exactly how you’ve created a certain product or provided a certain service. While you can’t always just freely hand out your secrets to success, you can instead provide people with the tools or resources you used.

These lists are a great way for you to receive contact information and opt-ins because they are incredibly valuable and as we mentioned before, save people time (which is always a good thing!).


‘Want to know how to do this? Just follow this easy tutorial?’. You’ve seen this line everywhere – and for good reason too. People love tutorials –  they are attractive and a simple yet effective way to get them to opt-in to your service.

AHrefs in-depth tutorials are only available after you’ve signed up with the service.

What makes a great tutorial? Clear and simple instructions and no fluff. People want to know how to do something right away so be sure to cut out unnecessary intros or long-winded explanations.


Along the same lines as our previous point, cheat sheets are a visual, static version of a tutorial. They usually come in a document which outlines step-by-step instructions on how to perform a task or solve a problem.

Cheat sheets are great as they can be easily referred back to and allows people to follow along at their own pace.

Interactive Quizzes and Tools

Presenting a quiz to your website’s visitors is a creative and attractive way to learn more about them and obtain their contact information. Depending on what your quiz is asking visitors, they’ll be able to find the most suitable service or the best product that suits their needs.

16personalities offers a personality quiz in return for visitor email addresses.

So not only are you obtaining their information legally, you’re also giving them information that helps them make a purchase from your online store.

Free Trial

Offering a free trial to visitors is a surefire way to obtain new leads for your business to target. Giving them a chance to try out your product or service will give customers an insight to how it works, and if done correctly can convince them to pay for the full product.

Spotify offers a Free Trial of 3 months for their Premium Service.

Your free trial can last a certain amount of time or can limit users to a certain number of features. It is entirely up to you how much of a sneak peek you’re willing to give.

Discounts or Free Shipping

One of the most often used lead magnet ideas are store discounts. If you run an ecommerce business, discounts, coupon codes and offers of free shipping are one of the best ways to get visitors to sign up for newsletters or to receive emails.

Koala offers $100 off when you sign up.

These are easy to install, and can be done through pop-ups or contact forms on your website. Make sure to use the right graphics and copy to attract attention and the right offer to persuade them to enter their information.

Generate more leads for your business today

These lead magnet ideas will help you create a magnet that should help your business start finding more prospects to target. The most important thing when implementing these is to make sure that they provide visitors with real value.

This will help build positive customer relationships and will encourage them to visit your site regularly.
Want more lead magnet ideas or digital marketing tips in general? Head on over to the ZipZipe blog where our digital marketing experts can help you learn how to move your business forward.