Your Guide to Facebook Engagement Posts: 4 Types of Posts That Entice Your Social Media Following

The goal of Facebook marketing is to entice your audience to engage with every post. If you need help with Facebook engagement posts, here are 4 post types.

A social media presence is almost a requirement to be successful online. Small and mid-size businesses are finding that it is easy to get their products in front of their targeted audience. With the right digital marketing strategy, you can increase sales and save money.

Social media platforms are not one size fits all. Each platform has its own unique characteristics. To determine the correct social media that’s best suited for your business, brand and industry do your research.

Facebook is a leader when it comes to online marketing. There are various Facebook engagement posts you can use to build your audience. It is also a great platform for direct marketing.

Want to learn more? Keep reading for 4 types of posts to entice your social media followers.

1. Facebook Engagement Posts

Interactive Facebook posts make for the best engagement. Giving users call-to-action increases the chance of getting them to interact with your post.

You can ask your followers to share a picture or video of them using your product. Or try daily trivia question posts regarding your industry.

Many businesses shy away from implementing hashtags in their Facebook posts. Participating in trending hashtags like #MCM, #WCW, or #ThrowbackThursday are popular fun Facebook posts.

Engagement posts are not always about selling but drawing traffic to your page to help grow your audience.

2. Do a Facebook Live

Live streaming is growing in popularity. Facebook is creating more business tools around the feature as technology continues to expand. With live streaming, you can invite users to watch a live product demonstration or give a virtual tour of your business or event.

Live streaming doesn’t always have to be about your business. Show a human side and do random videos where you go live at a sporting event or a community function.

Live streaming builds a connection between you and your targeted audience.

3. Use Eye-catching Images

We can’t say it enough…people are visual. Grab their attention with high-quality images and a quick blurb.

As people are scrolling down their timelines they are more likely to stop and look at an image. If it is appealing they may even click on a reaction emoji or leave a comment.

4. Create a Facebook Stories Ad

Did you know 300 million people use Facebook Stories every day? Following the success of Instagram stories, Facebook implemented a similar version on their platform.

Facebook stories are content displayed in a prominent location on a user’s page. A button is featured showing with connections have an active story. These stories are available for 24 hours.

With Facebook Stories Ads, businesses can purchase targeted ads to run in between a user’s story. Stories consist of images, videos, and live chats. The business can also create Facebook Stories.

It’s Time to Start Engaging

Creating great Facebook engagement posts are easier when you have the right tools. Grow your audience and increase your revenue with targeted posts that pull followers in.

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