6 Email Marketing Hacks that will Boost Your Email Campaigns

The digital marketing landscape is one that is constantly changing. From brand new platforms to the latest innovations, there’s always something new to try and tinker with in digital marketing. But one marketing strategy has stood the test of time and has shown year after year that it is still a viable tool: email marketing.

Email marketing has remained as one of the most effective ways to market to target audiences. It’s also shown to have one of the highest ROIs in marketing – email marketing generates an average of $42 for every $1 spent. With ROI like that, every business should be doing email marketing! But the key to such great results is an email marketing strategy that is done well.

So before you dive into your email marketing service provider of choice and mass send emails, check out our top 6 email marketing hacks to make sure your email campaigns deliver the same amazing results.

Email marketing hack 1: Segment your contact list

Your contact list contains all the emails you have collected through tactics such as lead magnets. And if you’ve done it well, you should have hundreds or thousands of contacts ready to receive your emails. But why should you take the time to segment them?

Segmenting your audience allows you to deliver more targeted content to your contacts. The more targeted or relevant the content you deliver, the more likely they will not only open your emails, but click or reply to them. 

For example, you may choose to segment your subscribers list via browsing behaviour so you can send them emails about products they have spent time looking at. This nurtures their interest and will increase the chance they revisit that specific product.

You can segment your lists in many ways including geographic location, age or stage of the sales funnel. Moreover, many service providers will segment them via contact tags, helping you easily deliver more focused emails.

Email marketing hack 2: Personalise your emails

One email marketing hack that prevents your emails from being left unread (or in the spam folder) is to personalise them. Personalised emails have a higher chance of actually being open and read. It makes sense – people want to feel more than just a number and that businesses actually care about them as a customer.

Personalised emails are a great way for contacts to actually read your email! Source: Google

A simple way of personalising emails is including their first names in subject lines or email copy. But personalisation is so much more than that. It also involves sending relevant content that helps solve problems, and at times which are the most appropriate for that specific contact.

Email marketing hack 3: Test, test, test

But how do you know what content works best or what time is best to send emails? By testing again and again.

In order to find the most optimal content and times, you’ll want to anticipate your customers’ needs and experiment. Many email software have A/B testing features which will allow you to send different types of emails to a certain portion of your contacts before sending the better performing version to the rest.

You can also measure the success of your email campaigns by taking a look at reports and comparing important metrics such as open rates, click-through rates and bounce rates. Doing so will help you pinpoint what is and what isn’t working.

Test emails should also be sent to yourself and your internal team members. This will help you avoid embarrassing typos, broken links or low-res emails. It’ll also tell you if your email looks and reads well on mobile devices. Remember – once you send an email you can’t take it back! So make sure to test and go through every detail.

Email marketing hack 4: Create great subject lines and preview text

People receive a lot of emails every day. A 2019 study has shown that people will receive up to 126 business emails per day! So how do you make your emails stand out from the rest? How can you make sure your email is seen in a sea of emails? With a great subject line, or course!

So what makes a great email subject line? Apart from personalising it with the contact’s name, you can also optimise your subject line by using power words, using numbers and creating both curiosity and FOMO to entice contacts to open your email.

Preview texts are equally important. The preview text is the short copy that comes after the subject line. It gives you extra space to tease contacts about the contents of your email.

As we mentioned, make sure you test your subject lines with A/B testing to further optimise them.

Email marketing hack 5: Harness the power of automations

Email marketing automations may seem daunting at first, but once you get a basic understanding, you’ll find your email marketing game skyrocket! Email automation is exactly what it sounds like – a system that automatically sends emails to contacts.

Automations are incredibly versatile. They’re able to send the right emails to the right people at the right times. The most common email automations include Welcome emails and abandoned cart emails.

An example abandoned cart email automation. Source: ActiveCampaign

Apart from doing the work for you, automations have additional benefits. We mentioned before that personalisation is one of the most effective email marketing strategies – automations make personalising emails so much easier. You can create highly targeted, personalised emails and send them to your customers at the most optimal times.

Creating your own automations can also help nurture your existing customers, essentially improving your customer retention rate. You’ll be able to send reminders, ask for feedback or simply check up on them and say hello!

Emails like this reminder email can be sent automatically with automations. Source: Google

Learning how to create and execute email automations takes time but the ROI is well worth the time and effort.

Email marketing hack 6: Include strong CTAs

A good email marketing strategy is purpose-driven with a goal in mind. Whether it be making a sale, promoting a product or asking for feedback, you want your contacts to take additional action after opening your email. It’s why it’s crucial that you include a strong call to action (CTA) in every email you send.

Good CTAs need to be bold and need to be able to stand out from the rest of your email. That way, your contacts will know how to get to where you want them to know. Here’s some easy tips to make your CTAs shine:

  • Use a big button that is coloured differently.
  • Use persuasive CTA copy such as ‘Click me to save money’ or ‘Try for FREE’.

Here’s two bonus email marketing hacks: most email marketing service providers will allow you to insert links into images. That way, when readers click on your email images, they’ll be redirected to the embedded link.

Lastly, make sure your links are all working and don’t redirect to broken pages. Be also sure not to include too many different links! Your email should have a single purpose and should direct readers to a single destination.

Get the most out of your email campaign with these top hacks!

If you haven’t started an email marketing strategy for your business, what are you waiting for? The ROI you’ll see is too good to ignore. And with these top email marketing hacks you’ll be able to create a strategy that routinely delivers results for you and your business. For more articles like this, check out the ZipZipe blog today!